Mapping out the layout on the lobby floor.

This was a 4+ hour project. I will forever have the utmost respect for artists that show often and on a large scale.

I am so excited about these new business cards.

Displaying some works at Temple on 9th Street starting October 19th. Head on over and give it a quick peak if you’re in the neighborhood.

Happy to announce a new edition to Temple’s retail line. These limited edition Artist Series Flip-Top Thermos’ were really fun to create. Designed by me. [:

Available at their retail locations and online.

Pleas vote for my art submission for the following Pizza Box Contest. [:

to vote.

On a desktop browser, there is a voting window at the top right of the home page. Click to enter the page, Check my box, and select vote.

On a Mobile device, you can find it under the Events tab, it is a few events down the list and there is a red link to click and vote.

Please vote as many times as you are able to for the month of October.

Thank you for supporting my art!

To see more photos of details of the piece not shown on the top, click the below link to take a look.

"lets go on an adventure."

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