Hey look, my doodles are in a magazine; Weird.

I seriously love my job. Thanks Temple for the shout out in recognition of all the elbow grease we put into the company! We appreciate it.

Made it into Sacramento News and Review! Blackbird Round II was a great sequel to an already fantastic adventure with Rue 27.

Had a blast at this Augusts 20th and K Midtown block party. Especially enjoyed the traveling interview about the artsy festivities. Thanks for the interview guys!

random doodle. since i havent in a while.

Prepped some swag for upcoming festivities. Find me when we get home so I can stick one on each and every one of your pretty little faces where we can have a lovely chat/high five exchange.

To purchase some outside the event, try [here].

A commission I’ve finished up for a client. It’s for the grand opening of their web presence.

The image is sideways here so you can better see the details.

I’m getting a two page spread in Yume’s seventh issue! I am really excited about it.

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